Perfect Droneshots for any project or event

Leader in quality Photography

and Video

“Piloting has always been my dream”

Founder, Paul Verkerke

With my background in design and art-school photography the perfect shot is created every single time.

Impress your audience with more than ordinary shots

Using Droneshots for your events or projects will impress your audience with stunning refreshing angles and a different view.

Take your project to the next level

Contact us for a renewing take on the Droneshots that can be used to raise the quality of your media.

Droneshots.com delivers every aerial shot you need


Droneshots from the sky can boost the sale of your real estate and give you an amazing lookout over your event location.


For a dynamic video at least one droneshot should be included. Droneshots can create a perfect view from up high or fly-through on your location.

Fly. Shoot. Edit. Deliver.

Contact Droneshots.com

Drop a message below or connect through instagram. Expect a reply within an hour. 


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